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Why you need YOGABODY stretch?

Everyone wants to be flexible…

Yoga teacher Lucas Rockwood spent five years taking a whole host of different supplements to support his yoga practice until he combined the best and most effective ingredients into the one organic, plant-based, vegan supplement that is YOGABODY Stretch.

Yoga teachers and students across the world loved it: the combination of natural sulphur, MSM and Vitamin C genuinely helps deepen bends, ease joints and assists in faster recovery. It has become the supplement of choice for students and teachers of yoga, runners, dancers, martial artists and older folk who are fed up with stiffening joints.

And then other athletes wanted to try YOGABODY Stretch, because everyone knows a more flexible athlete is a more mobile athlete, and what was that about faster recovery?

Everyone wants to recover faster, so they can get back onto their yoga mat or out onto the track.

…  the story so far  …

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Imagine Having Fun

YOGABODY Stretch is the ultimate bendy support for yoga students, dancers, gymnasts, and the ideal supplement for athletes, martial artists, and sportspeople of every persuasion.


  • Better tissue elasticity and flexibility
  • Reduced recovery time from hard training
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced post-workout soreness
  • Reduced injury lay-offs

Listen to what our customers have to say….

If we did not convince you yet, maybe a few words from our customers will


I have been using this product to help my back bending practice. I take three capsules in the morning and repeat another three one hour before practice. My flexibility seemed to be effortless after just two or three days, since I first started using it. It has now been a year already, and I give YOGABODY a lot of the credit for my fast progress.

Ace Pittapan

Liquid Energy B

Been using this for 1 month and it’s amazing how much energy I have after just a drop in the morning, without any coffee to help me wake up. Its taste is yummy, I like cinnamon. My morning work out is never the same, I just love it!

Cemara Merah

Himalayan Shilijit

Although I am no expert on the the history and benefits of shilajit I can say that in the month or so that I have tried Authentic Shilajit I have noticed I have more endurance and stamina. With each passing week I have also felt a subtle sense of well-being, both physically and emotionally. Not bad for an old guy.

-G.H. Los Angeles, California

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YOGABODY™ Stretch (Fleximine) – the ultimate nutritional support for yoga students, dancers, gymnasts, and other bendy-bodied people worldwide.

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Liquid Energy B

Liquid Energy-B (methylcobalamin) – a water-soluble, fast-absorbing, vitamin formula essential for the healthy metabolism of fats and proteins that has been known to elevate mood, focus, and energy levels.

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Himalayan Shilijit

Shilajit is a black resin-like substance which contains over 85 of the vital minerals needed for energy reactions in our cells and the growth of new cells and high percentages of fulvic acid to help transport these mineral molecules deep into the body.

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Yogandha Oils

Yogandha oils are  a luxurious aromatherapy body and bath oil blend containing refreshing blends of essential oils, it will purify and detox the body and boost lymphatic drainage.

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